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Follow these tips to see your moving day run like clock work.

  • First and foremost - make sure everything is packed and ready to go the day before moving day​

  • Have your "essentials" box mentioned in our "DIY packing tips" page on hand. Label it "Open Me First". Put this box to the side to be loaded last (so it’s unloaded first) or move it yourself. Your essential box will include: important items like passports and medication. Basic tools such as a knife, screwdrivers, an adjustable spanner and tape. Add hand towels, soap, toilet paper and anything else you may need to find quickly once you have arrived​

  • You will also want to pack an overnight bag full of personal items that you will need for the day​

  • Ensure you lock all doors and windows when you leave your old house, turn off hot water system if required​

  • Check the tops of cupboards, garden area, sheds, garage​

  • Try to stand at the Removalists entry point and give clear directions as to furniture placement​

  • Leave your contact information for new residents to forward mail.​

  • Carry all important items with you - passports, cash, other important documents, etc.​

  • Smile and say hello to your new neighbours!

We also really like BUZZFEED'S tips. You can read them here:

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