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Moving to Sydney's Northern Beaches

So, you are considering a move to the Sydney's Northern Beaches. WELCOME! The Northern Beaches have plenty to offer and are the perfect place to make the most of Sydney's beautiful weather. Whether you are moving from overseas, interstate, or just trying to escape the pretentious Eastern Suburbs, The Northern Beaches are the place to be. So lets start at the southern end of the Northern Beaches in Manly and work our way up to look at some of the highlights. In Manly you have plenty of shopping and eating options. Manly is a great place to socialise on Friday nights. There is no shortage of good bars to enjoy yourself at. A good place to begin is The Stayne. If you are into walking I strongly recommend the Spit to Manly walk. it's a 10km walk through bush, urban and beach terrain. Heading further north to Queens Cliff and Freshwater you will find amazing beach views the ideal place to sit and watch the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean. Then there is Cur Curl with some of the best surf on the Northern Beaches. Next up you'll find Dee Why. Dee Why is another top spot for eating. I recommend breakfast at Sea Change - one of my favourites on the Northern Beaches. Dee Why to Collaroy via Long Reef is another great walk. Along the way you'll find the Long Reef surfing and golf club, might I suggest stopping by and check them out? Then there is Narrabeen and Warriewood: a great place to raise a family and build a home. Offering pleasant views and a walk around Lake, these suburbs are perfect for a family picnic every weekend. Because we haven't yet, lets check out the Seapool in Mona Vale. You'll also find that Mona Vale is a busy commercial hub. Love sports? Join the Kitchener Park Sports Centre or the Mona Vale golf club. Need groceries? Walk down to Woolies or ALDI. Need to relax? Take a stroll down the mesmerising Mona Vale beach! Mona Vale is THE place to look for when you're thinking about moving.

Moving up further north, you'll find Newport. This suburb offers tons of places to eat, drink and hang out with your family and friends. Cocoa Bar is personal favourite of mine, sitting in the cozy environment and enjoying a cup of coffee with my friends is my favourite time of the day. FUN FACT! Newport also has a rock pool!! Its clear blue waters are perfect for a morning swim. You get a bit of a wave action but it's not as unpredictable as swimming in the ocean. Then there's Avalon Beach. Did you know that an episode of the American TV show Baywatch was shot here in the 1990s? Yes, the Baywatch that Chandler and Joey were so OBSESSED about in Friends. So if you're a Friends or a Baywatch fan, you might want to check this suburb out before you even think of moving anywhere else. Last one on our list is Palm Beach - One of the most famous Northern Beaches Suburb! You’ll find alot of famous people spending their summer here. Palm beach also has some heritage-listed sites including the Barrenjoey Head Lighthouse. Palm Beach also has its own wharf and you can even catch a ferry to the city. You can also learn to surf here! AND there are tons of good places to eat and to hang out. The Northern Beaches are the ultimate place to live. These suburbs make up the ideal environment for living. The Northern Beaches are calm, peaceful and tranquil; yet everything is available within walking distance. Plus, you can enjoy the most views while you're taking that walk. You're also not that far away from the city either. The Northern Beaches are perfect to raise your family and to make the best out of your life in Sydney.


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